Docenti 2020 - 2021

Luca Gnan


Luca Gnan is Full Professor of Organizational Behavior at Tor Vergata University, where also he is the Director of the Bachelor in Business Administration and Economics. He is the past-president of the European Academy of Management (EURAM). He is Member of the Central Evaluation Committee of the Tor Vergata University and Board member of the Tor Vergata World University. He is and has been involved in various academic and public associations, including membership of the Education Ethics Executive Committee of AOM (Academy of Management), AOM BPS Division representative for Europe, AOM OMT Division Research Committee, Vice-President and Executive director of EURAM (European Academy of Management), Review Board member of FERC (Family Enterprise Research Conference), Sub-theme Convenor of EGOS (European Group of Organizational Studies), and Stream Chair of CMS (Critical Management Studies. He is also a Scientific Committee Member of the Master on Internationalization “CorCE Fausto De Franceschi” of the Italian International Trade Institute, with responsibility for Strategy and Organization. Luca Gnan is Editor in chief of the International Journal of transition and Innovation and he has been and is guest editor of various journals, and he has published on topics related to family business governance, corporate and public governance (total publications: 163 – 7 articles in 4 stars International Journals – 18 articles in other international Journals – 59 book’s chapters – 3 books – 5 edited books - 2– minor publications – 5 business cases). His research focus is on family businesses. He investigated family firms’ corporate governance issues, with a special interest on board of directors, governance structures and mechanisms. Recently, he started to investigate family firms’ HR/Organizational issues, with a special interest in HRM Practices. Other research interests are fostering the entrepreneurial orientation in organizations, the strategy formulation processes, and the role of models in decisional processes. As a scholar, his main priority has been to support and mentor junior faculty and doctoral students.
Four last most prominent publications:
1. Family Involvement and Agency Cost Control Mechanisms in Family Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Journal of Small Business Management, 2015, (with Lucrezia Songini).
2. Does family involvement influence firm performance? Exploring the mediating effects of board processes and tasks, Journal of Management, 2015, (with Alessandro Zattoni, Morten Huse).
3. The role and impact of accounting in family business, Journal of Family Business Strategy, 2014, (with Lucrezia Songini and Teemu Malmi).

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