Docenti 2014-2015

Roberto Funari


Italy - Date of Birth: 1st   August 1958
Nationality:  Italian
Status: Italian   resident

I am an enthusiastic  Italian Manager challenging Mobile business environment.  I am numerate interest  with excellent organizational abilities.

Work Experiences

2012  -   Present:  Procurement Director WIND
2011 –    Head  Director  of  Mobile Customer Management  WIND
2007  -   Manager  of Mobile Consumer and Business  Sale  WIND
2004  -  Head of  Mobile MKTG VAS Consumer/Business WIND
2000 – Head of MKTG Consumer Mobile and  Fixed

1985 – 1990      Long distance fiber optical  560 Mb/s – project/design  and  planning 
1990 – 2000   Commercial Responsible of   Mobile Operator start up  in Brazil, Chile , Argentina, Spain, Greece, Austria, Bolivia.
Long stay in USA, Brazil and Greece: responsible for start up (lunch)  services and  commercial relation with  Partners;  coordinator of commercial activities,  set up and revision of any local agreement, and any  financial figures (relations and commercial cost control).
Business Development Manager – scouting of Mobile Network solution Partner (around the world)  long stay in Israel, California, India, France.
Member of many European  Association     (GSM, CCITT, ISO, VMI)

Academic and Professional Qualifications

Scientific High School, specialising in scientific subjects (Rome)
Academic degree  in (Rome)  1984
Graduate  studies  in London, Rome, San Francisco, Milano, L’Aquila  (MBA, MKT , Economy Research, IT research center )

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