Docenti 2019-2020

Nicola Dimitri


BA Statistics, Msc Statistics, Ph. D. Economics, is Full Professor of Economics at the University of Siena (Italy). He is Life Member of Clare Hall College Cambridge (UK)  and Research Associate at the Center for Blockchain Technologies, University College London. He has been the Italian Delegate for the 7th EU Framework Programm (Cooperation-SSH) and Deputy Rector and Chair of the Economics Department at the University of Siena.
He has been economic Advisor of CONSIP, the Italian Procurement Agency, from 2004-2008, economic advisor of the Japanese Embassy in Rome and has advised the Dutch Ministry of Justice, the Italian Ministry Foreign Affairs, as well as other companies and institutions, on procurements design.
His interests and professional experience are in procurement, auctions and market design, game and decision theory, contracts, the economics of innovation, health care and pharmaceutical economics, blockchain and cryptocurrencies He published several papers in international journals and contributed, as editor and author, to various books.
In particular, together with Gustavo Piga and Giancarlo Spagnolo he edited the Handbook of Procurement, Cambridge University Press.

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