Docenti 2020-2021

Fulvio Silvestri


Fulvio is a PhD candidate in the Department of Enterprise Engineering at the University of Rome "Tor Vergata", where he carries out research in transportation engineering, focusing on mobility demand modeling. He is Member of the "Young Researchers' and Practitioners' Forum" of the European Transport Conference (ETC) and Ambassador of the Association for European
Transport (AET). Fulvio is also reviewer for the scientific journals "European Transport Research Review" (Springer) and "Case Studies on Transport Policy" (Elsevier).


Most recent publications:

Coppola, P., dell’Olio, L. & Silvestri, F. (2021). Random-Parameters
Behavioral Models to Investigate Determinants of Perceived Safety in Railway
Stations. Volume 2021, Article ID 5530591, 11 pages.

Coppola, P. & Silvestri, F. (2021). Gender Inequality in Safety and Security
Perceptions in Railway Stations. MDPI, Sustainability 2021, 13(7), 4007.

Coppola, P. & Silvestri, F. (2020). Assessing travelers’ safety and security
perception in railway stations. Elsevier, Case Studies on Transport Policy,
Volume 8, Issue 4, December 2020, Pages 1127-1136.
Coppola, P. & Silvestri, F. (2019). Autonomous vehicles and future mobility
solutions. Elsevier, Autonomous Vehicles and Future Mobility, 2019, Chapter
1, Pages 1-15.
Coppola, P. & Silvestri, F. (2019). Future mobility and land use scenarios:
impact assessment with an urban case study. Elsevier, Transportation
Research Procedia Volume 42, 2019, Pages 53-63.

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